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bordeaux by ivorionda on PolyvoreLUIS MORAIS Onyx and yellow-gold bracelet / Slowear Incotex Slim-Fit Cotton and Linen-Blend Cargo Trousers / SAINT LAURENT striped T-shirt / Barbour x Pantone Tony Heritage Quilt, $210

Fashionary Road

Pale yellow university stripe and wool challis bow.
Brooks Brothers Black Fleece oxford
Brooks Brothers tweed
Polo RL wool challis bow


"Brooks Brothers Men’s Cotton Trousers, Unworn"
Circa 1988
United States
Private Collection

Note the vintage tags, circa 1988, and the attached price from Boston’s famous Filene’s Basement. Although these trousers were discovered in perfect and unhemmed condition, it is of greater interest that they had made their way to the now-defunct department store, a famous Boston institution that catered to the frugal-minded businessman and suburbanite alike. Although there are scores of “discount stores” strewn about our towns and cities, the Marshall’s and TJ Maxx’s of today will never match the inventory of the fondly remembered “Basement”.


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